Guilds and Entertainment

Check back often as guilds and entertainers are confirmed for 2018*

Gallows Humor Manis O'Toole, Strolling Minstrel Mermaids
Cannon Demonstrations Gekkevlek (Crazy Spot) Cutthroat Reef
Her Majesty's Minstrel Cycle Tribal Beats Belly Dance and Drummers Captain Jack Pirate Recruiting
Cydeshow Cy (sword swallowing) Spanish Musket Drills

Northstar Penguins Amblefolke Barret's Privateers
Brotherhood of the Bottle League of Ordinary Gentlemen The House of the Screaming Bansee
La Orden Santiago Misfits and Miscreants The Pirate of Rogues Cove
Romale Strigoi Royal Spanish Court Saint Katherine's
Sea Wolf Stranglehold
* Guild and Entertainment lineup is subject to change